Breakfast weekend

Breakfast is over. It began late, at 10:43 and staggered through until 11:34 consisting of rotating shifts of curious children with varying levels of abilty with a butter knife, and parents attempting to coordinate procedings. Babies on arms, babies being passed to older siblings when parents needed to spread butter or cut slices of cheese. […]

All in a day’s work

5:30 – I Wake up, it ‘s dark, freezing and gloomy outside, and inside. I Continue, pointlessly, to lie in bed. 5:41 – Daughter (12) goes down steps for shower (I hear this very clearly). Shower goes on. I think of the water we’re gonna have to pay for. 6:05 – alarm goes off – […]

The real me? The real video? The real experience?

I’ve been fascinated by other artists’ videos on the web for a long time now. I click, I watch, I consider…. There are my thoughts: I notice I’m drawn mostly towards videos which are completely live; where you get to feel the person who is singing. Where you have the feeling, what you see is […]

A usual start to my day

The alarm will go off at 6:05, but I’m awake at 5:30. Winter is coming, and it’s dark, much too dark for this! My two big little ones (5 & 4 years old) are stirring at the foot of my bed where they sleep. We are bunkered down upstairs in the spare room while mama […]

Understand my music, Understand my life

I decided to take the leap and do it: Explain why I do the thing I do. Define myself. I’ve been looking at my path over the last few years and realise I was always saying this: “I sing and perform DESPITE my 5 children”. Now as a father to 6 (father OF 5, but […]

The world’s worst background music

I discovered tonight that my music is the world’s worst background music. I am a musician with something to say…and therefore, I have to say it. Basel (switzerland) is a strange landscape. Many consumers who come to enoy an evening but not necessarily to listen to the details – the most important parts – of […]

New Radio Show

From Tuesday 23rd May you will be able to hear a two hour show by BEN. Newest, MOST interesting and MOST beautiful music at: Freies Radio Wiesental 104.5 mhz (Germany) and INTERNET (worldwide) See you!

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