This year I managed the following:

I delivered a baby at home, I bought 9 chickens, I lost 7 chickens to a fox, I went to London for a funeral, I appeared in over 30 concerts, I made 3 quite professional videos, I began recording my new album, I found a job, I quit a job, I found another job, I became a full-time musician and father, I joined a mens group, I left a mens group, I had a song of mine used for a fathers rights campaign, I stopped eating extra sugar, I lost a lot of weight, I started exercising, My eyes got a bit worse, I built a house for our tomatoes, I sang at events, I ran a Kindergarden, I recorded a single with a great singer, I found another singer, I saw the sun rise over the alps on many mornings, I travelled to Spain and France, I was informed that my two oldest children will be moving away, I cried, I screamed, I learned to understand things I couldn’t accept, I filed my tax returns, I worked in the local shop, I listened to music which inspired me, I presented my first live radio show, I got caught in the crossfire between two parties who were fighting, I spoke my honest opinion, I chopped wood, I changed nappies, I took my children to school, I banged my foot real bad, I changed guitar strings, I took a lot of stuff to the recycling centre, I drank coffee in a beautiful cafe…. and much more!