I’ve been fascinated by other artists’ videos on the web for a long time now. I click, I watch, I consider….

There are my thoughts:

I notice I’m drawn mostly towards videos which are completely live; where you get to feel the person who is singing. Where you have the feeling, what you see is what you get..and what you get is f***ing amazing. WE all have our dreams of creating beautiful videos, where we look not only beautiful, but also cool and even young/sexy, and yet I believe that a video which shows you as you, is  the most powerful in the long run. So what do you do? Do you just stick the camera on top of the piano and film, or do you edit like mad? I, personally, realise that camera skills, cutting and movement from shot to shot, can combine to create something which IS real…more real than a single angle video. Let me give you an example:

This video of me singing “Dorothy” comes from this week. It’s nothing other than a camera on the piano next to me, and the sound taken directly from the line-out of the mixer. My thought was that a simple single angle shot would suffice. It nearly does, because the performance and sound are OK, and it fulfills the objective I had, but in order to really carry it off and create more feeling, you really need to be an extraordinary talent (Luke Jackson, for example). You would need a song which was instant massive hit material, AND/OR the voice of a God, or a combination of the two. This is because the single shot from the piano/table/wherever? is focused only on you, the singer, and nothing else. This most direct angle and video (no cuts, no chagge of angle) may be the purist’s dream, but it is also (and this is the contradiction) not real. Let me explain why….

…..I mean: When you go to a concert as a listener, you take into account much more than just the singer in front of you…and certainly much more than just the precise angle offered to you in this video (Dorothy). You have many more perceptions, things which are happening, things which catch your attention, nuances, smells, sounds, reactions of others, thoughts of your own about your life, feelings which come and take you away from the moment, feelings which accentuate the moment etc etc etc. This is why we have to be careful with these one-shot / one angle videos. They are useful for showing progress, part of a process, a great performance perhaps. BUT a video which is skillfully cut can offer an experience closer to the actual one you may have had when watching someone live on stage.sometimes It’s actually more real!

I give an example:

This video was the same. A live performance with a line-out feed. The kids were going mad, shaking the mic stands and laughing and running. This was all captured on the audio recording, and then, to reflect the reality of the situation we decided to incorporate this into the video. The performance is good, but we’re under pressure and all hell’s going on below with the kids, so we’re not hitting every note, but the effect in total is beautiful. Enjoy!

Ben Meech “Squash & Squeeze”

Then the same concert but a bit calmer…also nice.

Ben Meech “You Can’t stop me from loving you”

What I’m trying to do is perfect these kind of performances, so a real emotion takes place in the listener. Unplugged is also a good challenge. I realise very few people out there performing have good quality live videos out there, and yet this should be the yardstick, or should it not? Completely Unplugged (with video editing (2 angles, one static, one moving) creates this effect:

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