I decided to take the leap and do it: Explain why I do the thing I do. Define myself. I’ve been looking at my path over the last few years and realise I was always saying this: “I sing and perform DESPITE my 5 children”. Now as a father to 6 (father OF 5, but father TO 6) I realise – the whole of the struggle, the love, hope, tiredness, joy and despair involved in choosing this way of life means that I realise the real truth is: “I sing and perform BECAUSE of my 6 children”. It’s what made me who I am.



When i look at younger, better-looking, more talented artists with more time and less responsibilty, and compare myself, I realise it’s INSANE that I’ve managed so much – often a great deal more than my younger counterparts. And then I realise, it is my life – this life – you need to understand, in order to place my music in a context. So this is the beginning of that attempt.

The placenta is in the freezer (This time we managed to do this just 5 days after the birth!. The last child was 4 weeks before it got buried beneath a tree. The one before, the placenta spent over 5 months, unfrozen in the fridge). So it’s a sign, we are getting there. Understanding our choice of becoming mad patchwork parents who decide to go our own way. Parents who decided to have our last child all alone, without the help of a doctor or midwife. We did it. we read the books, talked to people, watched the youtuve videos , and TRUSTED in ourselves…but it took us 6 children to do this. (More about that another time).

So, I thank you for your time, and wish you a good evening. Our children are in bed. I have just removed about 100 books form their shelves, just to reduce the amount for a while. I sit and look at my guitar hanging on the wall, behind thir book cupborad, and wonder if tonight I will grab it and practise….I surely will, but not as long as I would hope for. Sleep cannot be underestimated as a commodity in this situation. I shall go to bed a arounf 10pm and dream of an Atkin Guitar that i hope one day to purchase….

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