ON Friday we release our CD…we sing in front of friends und new faces in Schopfheim and try to put our heart and soul into what we do.

Foto: Katja Diedrich

There are a few of us out there doing just that at the moment. Our “scene” is quite a a cool place to be right now. In the last year alone I had the chance to play with some great musicians, but I also got to see a lot in concert.

Michael Morrissey, Beni and Sofia, Beuz Thiombane, Oliver Scheidies, Lyndsay Ferguson, Bella and schroeder, Tilo Wachter…. It’s great to see such great performances out there, and to learn from each and every one. Special mention here for Matthias Reinelt (Solo Enterntainer, Singer and allrounder) who got up at my brithday onto the stage und just did his stuff with such a clear sense of purpose that I wondered why I bother trying so hard sometimes to make things fizz, boom and bang the whole time. He just hit the nail on the head with his work on the stage.

And Friday? Well, On Friday our album “Alleingeburt” hits the ground running and we’re looking forward to a big party in the Cafe am Hebel in Schopfheim. A big thank you to Hannes Kumke for the sound he created and then to Katja Diedrich for the astounding pictures. We’ve got a good feeling about this one.

I think we created something quite unique – and so we’re gonna enjoy it for a short while; even if I’m already thinking about how to go deeper in the recording studio. Mr Kumke we’re gonna have some fun now! Seriously though, the last year has seen me play more guitar and sing more than I ever did before. And I got better at it. I’m starting to understand what it is I do…How to play this instrument…how to become one with the song and the words. It’s a great feeling. It’s a bit like being at the beginning of a journey and already possessing the experience of the journey ahead – but not each encounter or moment.

And the risk? Well, to live like we do… to try and stand up every day for what we do, without being arrogant or conceited, and to get out there and live. To get better. And also to be able to leave it all behind…. What?

Yep… The time has come to take a risk and go on a journey. May and June will see us packing the van and heading south. With the kids. With as much and as little of evrything as possible. We’re going to break what routine we have and look to live a little deeper for a while. Then, when we get back, it’s into the studio to capture the rewards of all the practise.

Love to all, Ben