To be on the verge of something – Kurz davor, was zu tun


We’re in the last part of the recording and mixing process for the new album: “Alleingeburt“. It’s been a long process, and – during this process – we have learned countless things. Most of them had nothing to do with the recording. It’s clear that over the course of the past 9 months we have taken a decisive turn towards finding our sound, and finding our meaning in the world that is music – and also life. I’m aware of my limits and the moments my ego gets ahold of my plans. I’m aware of which moments, which venues (Locations) are suited to my music. I’m aware of which musicians I feel comfortable working with. And I’m aware of the subtle variations surrounding the quality of each performance.

I get up every morning (well, most mornings) at 5:45am, and at about 6:45 I pick up the guitar and see what comes. At the moment songs are flowing easily. Much too easily, in fact. It becomes quite a problem to have so many unfinished pieces floating around in your brain (or heart?). And then the day begins….. I mention it because our day is full of children and – especially – one baby right now. In the last nine months since the birth we have done far more than we could ever have imagined. Concerts have been planned and played, rehearsals with many musicians have been held, we’ve had disappointments and success. It’s all been happening. And we also began recording.

This CD is different – not only to our previous work, but also to anything currently out there. We’re aiming for a pure sound which offers something the listener will REALLY FEEL when he or she listens to it. We recorded mainly using separate tracks, but stayed extremely close to our live sound and live feeling. The instruments sound natural. The voices too. We feel we are on the verge of something special….especially with one or two songs song from the album and then? We go straight back in the studio and deepen the experience! More songs, deeper, more puristic on the approach. It’s not easy to capture music. Not easy at all.


And all the while, we try not to forget who we are, and what our purpose in life, or in music should be – or could be. Right now I would say: It’s all about the playing. Get out there and play. Just play. The rest (success or money) can take care of itself. Get out that guitar and tell your story. Anywhere. Look after the family, yourself, keep your feet on the ground and be grateful for every moment you get to play your stuff. Keep things in perspective. Dream, BUT keep things in perspective.

Have a good evening,